Hi I'm Gemma, I have been sewing as a hobby and for family and friends for about 16 years. I started making baby clothes and nappies when my little boy came along 7 years ago, as he was allergic to disposable nappies. To find bright funky clothing for him to wear over the fluffy butt, I found hard in the sea of blue and pink you find in the high street shops.  So that's when my shop was born, then called The Fluffy Patch.

The new name explained Harry my son is AKA Bo, and Tabitha my daughter is AKA Topsy. So Topsy & Bo just seemed to have a more personal feel to me, after all I am sewing for them,  and it is why I am here and how I started.   
I have a love for rainbows, fairies and toadstools so this will show through my makes. I also have a weak spot for the pixie hood items. I believe children's clothing should be comfortable and allow play, with fun prints to allow kids to be kids.  I am also trying to reduce waste, and plastics. I have a reusable range through from nappies and baby wipes, for ones for the mums with cloth sanitary protection and face wipes. I have in stock items but I am also happy to take customs so please feel free to message me.