Frequently asked questions

What Fabrics are used in your CSP

So here's all about my range of cloth sanitary pads. I normally make fleece backed or windpro fleece backed pads, which are made with a fleece backing and no waterproof layer. The fleece repels any liquid back into the core, whilst allowing the pad to be breathe, also the fleece stops any slippage and movement of the pad. The cores are made up of bamboo fleece, either: zorb, zorb 11, or zorb 3d and hemp depending on the level of absorbancy needed, i have tested these cores and the combinations of fabrics to provide a thirsty core that absorbs quickly whilst keeping the pads as slim and discreet as possible. The combination of fabric used within the cores will be clearly listed as well as the level of absorbancy. An extra layer of pul can be added if a waterproof layer is needed, and is only available when bought in custom slots. They have a popper to secure the pad around your knickers. They come in different sizes ranging from pad length from 7"- 13" pads and with different absorbancy levels of: lights, moderate/regular, Heavy and nights and post partum. The fabrics i use most on the topper of csp are cotton, Minky, organic cotton jersey, these will be clearly stated in the listing what these are

How do i wash my CSP

You can dry pail for no longer than 3 days. Then pop in the washing machine on a cold rinse, as a hot wash wash can set staining in as blood will set in with heat. Then a 40 degree wash will be fine afterwards. Please do not use fabric softners whilst washing your pads as this can reduce the absorbancy of the fabrics used. If your pad is made with PUL please air dry only and do NOT tumble dry them as it will delaminate the PUL and they will not have the waterproof quality. It is best to air dry fleece backed pads as due to the nature of the bamboo fleece and zorb they can have a small amount of shrinkage. I do however prewash all my fabrics used to help prevent as much shrinkage as possible, these also means your pads are ready to use once you have received them. Your pads may take a few washes however to become up to their full absorbancy.

How do i wash my nappies

Once you have received your fluffy post, the inserts will ideally need a couple of washes to build up absorbancy. It can take up to 10 washes for them to get up to their full absorbancy. I recommend dry pailing your nappies, after rinsing any poop off the inserts and nappy with cold water, without leaving them for more than 3 days before a wash. To wash a cool rinse first then a 40 degree wash (they can have the occasional 60 degree wash, but washing at this temperature all the time can deteriorate the elastics). Then rinse well after the wash, please do not use any fabric softners when washing nappies as this can decrease the absorbancy of the nappies. When drying nappies any with pul in should only be air dried, hybrids and fitteds and the inserts can have a quick 10-15 minute tumble dry on low heat. Drying in the sunshine is best for your nappies and the sun will help with any staining. Please do not soak or wash nappies or inserts in napisan or bleaches, whiteners etc as this will breakdown the natural fibres in them.

What types of nappies do you offer

I offer a few types of Cloth nappies that will be available to buy, my most popular being a hybrid fitted nappy, fitted napies and pocket nappies. I can also add in an extra layer of waterproof pul to the hybrid fitted style of nappy turning it into an All in two nappy. Different types explained: Fitted Nappies These are made from terry stretch fabric that is very soft with inserts that pop in that are made from bamboo fleece and hemp. These are not waterproof and require a wrap or soaker on top. Hybrid Fitteds: So these are like a fitted nappy with an extra layer of good quailty poly fleece in the core that repells water back into the inserts. They have three layers that make up the super squishy shell of the nappy which are usually: A cute or funky print outer of jersey knit or a supersoft cuddlesoft/minky, then a layer polar fleece for the core, next is a layer of cotton/bamboo velour or a cuddlesoft/minky inner. These are not water proof and will need a wrap if wearing for extended periods of time, but can last from 2-4hrs coverless to show off those funky prints and embroideries. All in two nappies: These are made from an outer fabric usually in a print, cotton jersey or woven, with a microfleece inner and a core laer of PUL, making these waterproof. They have a insert that snaps into the nappy, so these can be taken apart and dried quicker.

How will my parcel be packaged

I try and be as eco as possible with packaging your orders. If your item can fit into a large letter box these will be packaged within a cardboard box, with acid free recycled tissue paper (which is white, i apologise for the boring colour). It is then taped with a 100% recycled plastic tape to close the box (until i can find a reliable decent paper verison). If your order is larger i use recycled plastic polymailers, instead of the cardboard box. I will try and fit as much as i can in these boxes as i much prefer to use these. I also encourage you to either recycle or reuse any of my packaging.

How long will take for my order to be shipped?

If your order is an instock item i will try and package and dispatch either the same day if ordered before 12pm, or the following working day. If your item is a custom order please allow 2 weeks for your item to be made and dispatched. If you follow me on facebook and in my facebook group i may put photographs up and you can keep track. You will receive a dispatch notice so you know when your item is on it's way.

What are the sizes of your clothing like?

I test all the patterns i use to make clothing. Unless stated otherwise in the description of the item or above the age of 3 years then all my clothing is cut to allow cloth nappy room. If you need an item adjusting for any reason, please contact me and i will see what i can do for you

Do i accept returns?

I do accept returns Please contact me within 14 days of delivery and ship these back to me within 30 days of receiving your items. The item must be returned in a new and unworn condition. The following items can not be returned unless faulty: Intimate items, such as nappies and CSP due to the hygeine nature of these items Custom made items, these include items that have been adapted from the original pattern to allow fit of particular sizes.