• These bamboo terry nappies are super soft to the touch and really absorbent. Bamboo terry towelling is quick at absorbing liquids, sustainable and very absorbent. It has a silky soft touch and breathable so kind to your childs skin.


    These nappies will need a cover and are not waterproof.


    They come with a micro fleece inner fabric the closest to the skin. Providing a stay dry feel to them, there is a pocket at the back to add you inserts too so the stay dry layer can stay closest to the skin.


    To help keeping costs as low as possible for you I have listed these as just the nappy “shell” this means that if you choose this option you will get the actual nappy and no inserts. This option is great if you have lots of spare inserts at home and have the combination that works for you but you need more nappies.


    Otherwise please choose between either a zorb 3d booster that will provide 2 layers of zorb 3d. Or a bamboo terry trifold that once folded into 3, it will provide 9 layers of thirsty absorbency.


    There is an option of adding both to these and with the XXL size adding both to the shell can provide approximately 1L of absorbency to the nappy. Doing it this way means that I can provide a more affordable option for everybody. Sizing the weight ranges are always approximate and will depend on the build of your child.


    Newborn - fitting approximately 6-12 lbs, these do not come with a snap down or fold down rise. They have a snap in the middle to fold down the front to allow room for the umbilical cord.


    Petite- This pattern is not a true OSFM but has a great fit for those that are slimmer and find the OSFM hard to get a great fit. These have a range of 8-20lbs approximately, they still come with a snap down/fold down rise


    OSFM - these fit from around 8lbs - 35/40lbs depending on the build of your child. Please choose between a snap down/fold down rise.


    XXL- these will fit small chunky baby starting around 20lbs up to an older child approximately 70lbs these have been tested on up to children 8 years of age. But will depend on the build of your child. If your child fits well in the OSFM and is of a slimmer build this size is not for you yet.

    Bamboo is highly biodegradableand environmental friendly as it can be grown without the use of pesticides, it is on of the worlds fast growing plants and continually grows once cut like grass.

    Bamboo terry fitted nappy