• This set of cloth pads will include 1x 11" heavy flow pad 2 x 10" moderate flow cloth sanitary pad and 2x 8" liner pads.  These will be topped with gorgeous cotton jersey prints, these prints will be selected at random and will depend which fabrics I have in stock at the time.  If there are any prints that you prefer and have seen on my website or social media pages please add this in the comment box and if I can I will include these print.  If you’d like surprise me, please add this to the fabric choice box.  Also if there are any prints you want to avoid please pop this in the comment box.  Please note you may not get any of the prints shown in the photographs, these are examples of previous sets made.  This set is great as a starter set, or for boosting your collection or as a gift for a teen. The top layers are cotton jersey that are lovely and soft against the skin. The cores are made from a heavy organic bamboo fleece. This fleece is very thirsty and absorbs splendidly, added layers are in the moderate and heavy flow pads. The heavy flow pad also has a layer a zorb 3d which is a very thirsty fabric that absorbs quicklyThe backing fabric is polar fleece. This fabric is good for repelling moisture back into the core to prevent leaks whilst allowing the pad to breathe. Also, this fabric prevents the pad from sliding about during wear.  To keep your reusable cloth menstrual pad in as new condition, please rinse with cold water then wash at 40 degrees, either line dry or low tumble dry. Avoid the use of fabric softener and bleach. If staining occurs, simply leave the washed, wet pad in a sunny area in a window or on a washing line.Your items will take 3-4 weeks to be made and dispatched so please allow this time at order, however I do aim for sooner.  Thank you 😊

    Cloth sanitary pads starter set, bumper pack