• This dress is the same fabulous dress as the fairy princess dress, but for  adults, why shouldnt we have awesome dresses too. 


    Pick your main fabric then you can have it paired up with any other fabric or plain colour if you'd like the underskirt to be different.  The front of the top skirt is shorter at the front and drops down at the back.  The under skirt is longer, this give a lovely layered look and its also great for twirling in.  


    The hood is a long swirly pixie hood, then you can choose between non- sleeved, to full sleeve.  This dress is a great dress to wear all year round and great to add layers underneath if you have the non sleeved verion.  Dress it up or down, have fun with fun bright prints the choice is yours.



    Fairy GodMother pixie hood dress (Adults)