• These fleece soaker covers are made from polar fleece that have an extra layer of fleece in the wet zone to add in extra protection in this area.

    These can be used over cloth nappies for extra protection or as a wrap on a fitted nappy for extended wear. Polar fleece has water resistant properties the fleece is not waterproof but these can be used instead of a waterproof wrap, making the nappy more breathable.


    The covers are pulled up so there are no fastenings for toddlers who like to undo their nappy wraps. These fleece covers have cuffs on the waist and legs that are really soft fit against your babies skin. The yoga style waist band makes it an easy pull on and off for quick nappy changes.



    Small - rise 15” waist 13-15” thigh 7-8”

    Medium - rise 17” waist 15-17” thigh 9-10”

    Large - rise 19” waist 17-19” thigh 10-11”

    XL - rise 20.5” waist 19-20.5 thigh 11-12”

    XXL - rise 22” waist 20-22.5 thigh 12-13”

    XXXL - rise 23.5” waist 22-24.5” thigh 13-14”

    XXXXL - rise 24”waist 24-26” thigh 14-16”


    Washing instructions these can be washed in with your cloth nappy load, wash on a cool rinse then at 40 degrees, please allow to air dry.


    If there isn't a fabric print or colour available that you would like, please message or email me and we can get something in for you.  

    Fleece nappy soaker