• Super soft and super absorbent bamboo terry trifolds are great for newborns and smaller babies.  With two layers of bamboo terry towelling that can be folded into three giving six layers of thirsty insert.  
    These are great with pairing with newborn wraps or night nappies that are needing to be boosted.  These are also fab to use when they re older and need added protection in a certain area of the nappy.  Just place in the wet zone.  
    This listing is for 1 trifold, please see a different listing for sets. 
    To wash please use a cool rinse, wash on a 40 degree wash with a non biological laundry detergent, please allow to air dry.  However these can be popped in the tumble drier for a few minutes if they need fluffing up.

    Newborn/prem trifold bamboo terry