• This are the same fit as our fabulous scrundies, but with an absorbent pad sewn into the inside, that has a water proof backing.  Making them discreet for those little accidents for children who either can't quite get to the toilet in time, during potty training, or just need that little extra protection. 

    These are not absorbent enough to replace a nappy or pull up.  If you need more absorbency than this please see our pull ups listings.  These can also be used as period pants.  


    These can be made from any of our soft jersey fabrics, paired with waistbands of either the same jersey fabric or a coordinating colour (depending on the stretch of the fabric chosen).


    The absorbent core will be topped with matching soft jersey, then an absorbent core made from layers of zorbs 3d and bamboo/hemp fleece.  These then have a water proof layer of pul between the pad and the inside of the knickers.  

    This pad is then sewn into the inside so this can not be seen from the outer, all thats seen is a row of stitches. 


    To care for the item, these can be popped in your normal wash but wash at 40 degrees and please do not use fabric softner with then allow to air dry.  Please don not tumble dry.

    If soiled cold rinse first and dry pail them until ready for the wash.  Coll rinse then wash at 40 degrees without fabric softener in.  Then allow to air dry.  


    Pad Pants - for those little accidents (childrens)