• Taking our really comfortable scrundies and adding an absorbable core with a PUL backing, makes these really comfortable period underwear.  No poppers or pads to deal with, great to use for running, cycling, horse riding or just for lounging and for nights.  


    These come in light, moderate, heavy and super heavy so you can choose a pair that suits you.  Choose from any of our jersey range or if you would prefer a plain colour please just pop this colour in the fabric choice. 


    Sizing - XS - 4-6 UK 

                    S - 6-8 UK

                    M - 10-12 UK

                    L - 14-16 UK

                    XL - 18-20

                    XL - 22-24 UK


    Depending on the absorbency you choose the fabrics i use in the cores are zorb 3d, bamboo and hemp/cotton fleece.  This would be topped with a layer of jersey and backed with pul.


    To wash please rinse with cold water, then pop on a 40 degree wash with no bleach or fabric softners.  Please allow to air dry and do not tumble dry.

    Period pants