• Most wet wipes contain plastics to allow a wet wipe to keep its shape and strength.  They are not bio degradable and can often take around 100 years to break down, which is similar time to a plastic bottle. Wet wipes and face wipes also contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation to the skin.
    These reusable cloth wipes are environmentally friendly and are a great alternative to wet wipes. 
    Jersey cotton wipes backed with a lovely soft bamboo terry. Why use 6 disposable wipes that contain plastics when you can get the job done in one wipe. Just add a little warm water and they are ready to use.
    Pick from any of our jersey fabrics available or if you don’t mind which prints you have, just pop surprise me in the comments box.  If you'd like surprise me but towards more pinks, blues or specific theme please could you add this in e.g. rainbows.   
    To wash please use a cool rinse, wash on a 40 degree wash with a non biological laundry detergent, please allow to air dry. However these can be popped in the tumble drier for a few minutes when nearly dry if they need fluffing up.

    Washable wipes, bamboo terry 5 pack